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well right now me and my nephew r watching Lady & the Tramp. thats the best movie ever!!!!!!!!! anyway um.....2day was pretty boring but last night i slept over candice's house and we saw the gayest movie its called Ghost Watcher its so dumb. Well i was gonna go 2 the movies 2night 2 see lords og dogtown but i dont feel like it. oh yeah speakin of candice u should check out her new lj its whats__lovex. its flippin sweet. yeah so oh i dont think me and corey r friends anymore he's being a butthole as usual. but who cares about corey im in love with MIKE!!!!!!!!! Man i sure had fun when he came over Wensday. Whoo hoo!!!!!

luv, Gab Gab

p.s. I'm hungry
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